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EnSight Technologies Awarded Contract for Parking Guidance Solution at Brick Church Plaza, a mixed-used development in New Jersey, USA

EnSight Technologies, a global leader and provider of innovative parking guidance and occupancy management solutions, is proud to announce that it has been awarded a contract for the prestigious Brick Church Plaza development, professionally managed by Goldman Sachs.

Brick Church Plaza, a mixed-use development catering to urban, residential living and retail shopping, has selected EnSight Technologies to implement its patented and comprehensive parking guidance and occupancy management ecosystem. Leveraging EnSight’s expertise in creating simple, smart, and scalable solutions, this collaboration aims to optimize parking operations and enhance the overall visitor experience at Brick Church Plaza.

The project will include the deployment of the following components:

>> 7 EnSight Eyes cameras: These advanced cameras will provide real-time insights into parking occupancy, enabling efficient navigation for visitors.

>> Level count system: Designed to track occupancy rates per level, this system will allocate parking spaces based on specific user types, maximizing space utilization within the garage.

>> 3 large VMS (Variable Message Signs) signs: These dynamic signs will deliver clear and intuitive guidance, directing drivers to available parking spaces and minimizing search time.

“We’re very much looking forward for the parking operations team at Brick City Plaza and Goldman Sachs to see firsthand the breadth of value the EnSightful Ecosystem is capable of delivering with near-perfect accuracy,” said Chris Scheppmann, Managing Partner at EnSight Technologies. “At every location where EnSight’s Ecosystem is deployed, our goal remains the same: deliver a superior platform to parking operators and a delightful experience to parkers.”

This collaboration underscores EnSight Technologies’ dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction. By leveraging cutting-edge technology and strategic partnerships, EnSight continues to set new standards in parking management and urban living.