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Automated Parking Guidance System

EnSight Technologies has reinvented the automated parking guidance system or APGS, making it more accurate, simpler, and more affordable. Armed with machine learning, EnSight’s automated parking guidance systems are constantly evolving, learning how to recognize different vehicles and parking behaviors to deliver the industry’s most accurate automatic parking guidance technology.
Automated Parking Guidance System

Smart, intelligent and efficient parking guidance system

Using the latest camera sensor technology, EnSight delivers intelligent simplicity. When it comes to automatic parking guidance, we believe that less is more. Eliminating the need for costly and complex hardware and infrastructure, EnSight’s automated parking guidance systems provides accurate, timely information to help drivers find parking quickly and conveniently.

A simpler and affordable way to manage your parking facility

We also provide the data you need to run your parking operations more efficiently. Our proprietary EnSightful™ Cloud Portal allows you to access your garage utilization data anytime, from anywhere. And our automated parking guidance systems are sleek, attractive, and require a minimal footprint. Less infrastructure and fewer components equal less costly installation and maintenance.
Automated Parking Guidance System
Our simple, attractive, and scalable ecosystem makes automatic parking guidance affordable, providing a cost-effective parking occupancy management and guidance alternative to parking owners and operators of all sizes.

Ensightful Parking EcoSystem

EnSight Eyes

The foundation to count cars with an unmatched accuracy guarantee of greater than 99%.

EnSight Signage

Provide guidance that allows parkers to make smart parking decisions with driver-friendly, customizable signage.

EnSight Connect

EnSight Connect is our smart API to allow data sharing with third parties.

EnSight Spaces

Monitor speciality spaces with EnSight Eye cameras or LED parking guidance sensors.

EnSight Revenue

Integrate mobile payments turning your occupancy management system into a frictionless revenue generator.

EnSight Surveillance

Dual-stream your EnSight Eyes cameras and give your parking asset that extra layer of security.

EnSight Plates

Use License Plate Recognition to identify who is parking and monitor dwell time with our LPR module.

Explore a better way to track parking count with EnSight