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EnSight Spaces

Go deeper and track individual spaces with advanced parking sensor technology.


Discover cutting-edge sensor technology

Built with a flexible infrastructure, the EnSight Ecosystem gives you the opportunity to track and isolate occupancy count of specialty parking versus general parking with advanced parking sensors. Strategically-located sensors let you go beyond the total garage, level or lane occupancy, giving you the ability to detect individual parking spaces, wherever you choose in your facility.

Customize for short term, EV, ADA parking and more

Make it easier for your parkers by delivering parking count for specialty parking, such as ADA, EV or short term. Parking sensors track your chosen spaces, delivering real-time parking count to your displays. Let your specialty parkers find their spot sooner, boosting the efficiency of your facility and improving the parking experience.

Design a parking guidance ecosystem that works for you

The EnSight ecosystem is completely configurable, letting you easily add the amount of sensors you want. Get the freedom to track and hone in on specific places in your parking facility and build a parking guidance ecosystem that ticks all your boxes.


Ensightful Parking EcoSystem

EnSight Eyes

The foundation to count cars with an unmatched accuracy guarantee of greater than 99%.

EnSight Signage

Provide guidance that allows parkers to make smart parking decisions with driver-friendly, customizable signage.

EnSight Connect

EnSight Connect is our smart API to allow data sharing with third parties.

EnSight Spaces

Monitor speciality spaces with EnSight Eye cameras or LED parking guidance sensors.

EnSight Revenue

Integrate mobile payments turning your occupancy management system into a frictionless revenue generator.

EnSight Surveillance

Dual-stream your EnSight Eyes cameras and give your parking asset that extra layer of security.

ensight surveillance

EnSight Plates

Use License Plate Recognition to identify who is parking and monitor dwell time with our LPR module.

Uncover new data insights and valuable reporting tools

The EnSight ecosystem tracks and records your specialty parking sensors, giving you the opportunity to understand how and when specialty parkers are using your facility. Use this valuable data to optimize your facility, whether you want to increase specific spaces, adjust the parking layout, or optimize pricing.