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Modernize your campus parking with a clever, cost-effective parking guidance solution.

Universities Parking Solutions

Let staff, students and public enjoy a smarter parking experience

Universities need a parking guidance system that’s designed to handle all their parking complexities, from differentiating between staff and students, to dealing with peak and down times. The EnSight ecosystem delivers a simple and smart parking guidance solution for university and campus parking.

Bringing simplicity and ease back to parking, EnSight ecosystem using dynamic signage and real-time parking count to easily direct staff, students and the public where they need to go.

Get an intelligent parking guidance system that fits your campus budget

Working within a university budget can be challenging. With EnSight, it’s now possible to get a premium parking guidance system that fits your needs and budget. Developed with leading-edge technology, the EnSight ecosystem reduces the need for costly hardware, delivering an innovative and affordable campus parking guidance solution.

Make your parking guidance system work for you

Campus parking is made to accommodate a range of different parkers. EnSight empowers you to tailor your parking guidance system to your needs. With customizable parking occupancy displays, give staff, students and public real-time counts of where they can park.


The EnSight ecosystem is also designed to allow for integration with your existing parking management systems.

Keep your campus running efficiently with a parking system to match

Keep up with the pre-class rush with an efficient parking guidance system. The EnSight ecosystem uses intuitive parking count displays to streamline the flow of your campus parking. Let your parkers find their spot sooner so they can get to where they need to go.

Gain insightful parking reporting

Get smarter about the way you analyse your campus parking. Delivering real-time data on parking occupancy, behavior and capacity, the EnSight ecosystem lets campus parking management know exactly how their parking is being used. Utilise this powerful data to confidently strategize and plan your parking to support the future vision of your campus.

Expand your parking horizons with the EnSight ecosystem

Discover a smarter way to manage your campus parking with the EnSight parking guidance ecosystem. Developed with leading-edge technology and design, bring ease and efficiency into your campus parking experience.

Universities Parking Solutions

Explore EnSight’s campus parking guidance ecosystem

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