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Celebrating Chris Scheppmann’s 2nd Induction into the National Parking Association’s 40 Under 40

The entire family at EnSight Technologies is delighted to extend our warmest congratulations to our Co-founder and Managing Member, Chris Scheppmann, on his second induction into the National Parking Association’s (NPA) 40 Under 40 Class of 2023.

This well-deserved recognition highlights Chris’s significant contributions to the parking industry and his unwavering commitment to advancing meaningful parking technology. As we celebrate his achievement, we felt it was appropriate to explore Chris’ positive impact on the parking industry, how he will continue to shape its future, and how he has proven himself as a true leader.


Chris’ Positive Impact on the Parking Industry
Chris passion for well-designed and intuitive technology, and his dual role as President of Access Professional Systems (APS; the sister company to EnSight Technologies), and Co-founder and Managing Member of EnSight Technologies have driven remarkable progress in the parking industry. As the president of APS, Chris steered the company to become the leading provider and servicer of TIBA access control equipment in Southern California. Notably, APS experienced significant growth under his leadership, paving the way towards its expansion into Arizona.

Beyond his role at APS, Chris’ visionary approach to technology led him to co-found EnSight Technologies, a groundbreaking parking guidance company. By leveraging his technological expertise, Chris scaled EnSight Technologies and revolutionized parking guidance systems, enhancing accuracy while reducing costs. The company’s innovative solution utilizes intelligent camera-based technology and the EnSightful Portal, a revolutionary software platform powered by robust and highly accurate machine learning models. Through Chris’s leadership, EnSight Technologies has made highly accurate parking guidance accessible and affordable to all parking owners and operators.


Chris’ Proven Industry Leadership
At an early age, Chris emerged as a true leader in the parking industry, combining his deep understanding of parking management challenges with his visionary mindset. Recognizing the immense potential of parking guidance technology, Chris embarked on a mission to create a user-friendly and cost-effective solution. This vision gave birth to EnSight Technologies, which now offers a scalable, intelligent camera-based system that surpasses the accuracy of traditional parking guidance systems while requiring minimal infrastructure.

EnSight’s open API software enables seamless integration with other parking technologies, creating powerful and scalable parking management suites. Furthermore, the system’s utilization of machine learning allows it to continuously improve its performance, adapting to evolving mobility trends and ensuring accurate guidance for many years to come. Chris’ leadership and commitment to innovation have bridged the gap between advanced technology and practical application, benefiting both parking owners and their customers.


Taking the Parking Industry into the Future
Chris’ role in shaping the parking industry extends far beyond parking guidance and curb management. As technology continues to play a pivotal role in parking management, mobility, autonomous vehicles, and smart cities, Chris’ creative and forward-thinking approach positions him as a crucial figure in the industry’s future.

With a focus on increasing the utility of existing tools and connecting different types of equipment into robust technology suites, Chris will continue to drive innovation in parking technology. His vision and dedication to making technology more accessible and powerful will lead to new advancements that transform the way we approach parking and mobility. As EnSight Technologies evolves, Chris will be at the forefront of the parking industry, working tirelessly to benefit parking owners, operators, and customers alike.

EnSight Technologies proudly congratulates Chris Scheppmann on his second induction into the National Parking Association’s 40 Under 40, Class of 2023. Through his leadership and expertise, Chris has made and will continue to make a significant impact on the parking industry, introducing affordable and accurate parking guidance solutions that redefine the possibilities for parking owners and operators.

His visionary mindset and commitment to innovation ensure that he will continue to shape the future of parking technology, as the industry embraces new tools, integrates technologies, and explores novel approaches. EnSight Technologies stands with Chris in celebrating his achievements and looks forward to the remarkable contributions he will continue to make to the parking industry.