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EnSight Technologies Announces the Commissioning of Three Garages for the City of Stockton

EnSight Technologies is proud to announce its three-garage installation will soon go live on behalf of the the City of Stockton (California).

As the City of Stockton nears completion of the commissioning phase and prepares for the go-live stage, EnSight Technologies was selected to provide innovative parking guidance and occupancy management solutions for three key garages in the city.

The project will include the following installations:

>> Arena Garage: Located near the baseball stadium, this garage will be equipped with 6 cameras and 6 interior level count signs to efficiently manage parking during events.

>> Market Street Garage: This garage will feature 4 cameras, 2 interior level count signs, and 1 exterior total occupancy sign to guide drivers to available parking spots.

>> SEB/El Dorado Street Garage: This garage boasts 11 cameras, 6 interior level count signs, and 1 total occupancy exterior sign, providing comprehensive parking guidance and occupancy management solutions.

“Working with the City of Stockton has been an absolute pleasure; especially as they communicated their parking objectives to us indicated that they were focused on optimizing their parking assets,” stated Managing Member Chris Scheppmann. “Being able to provide municipalities like the City of Stockton with a world-class platform to enable them to manage and optimize their parking assets is what drives our team to continue enhancing our platform and pushing the boundaries of how the EnSightful Platform can transform parking.”

This collaboration highlights EnSight Technologies’ commitment to innovation and dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for smart cities. We look forward to contributing to the success of the City of Stockton as they continue to prioritize efficiency and convenience in their urban development initiatives.