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EnSight Technologies Looks To Revolutionize Parking Guidance

SAN DIEGO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–A new parking technology company is setting out to shake up the parking industry by revolutionizing parking guidance. Chris Scheppman, president of Access Professional Systems, one of Southern California’s largest and most successful parking technology providers, today announced the launch of EnSight Technologies, a new parking guidance technology company. EnSight Technology’s scalable, intelligent camera-based solution is less costly and requires less infrastructure than traditional parking guidance systems.

“Every owner and operator wants to offer parking guidance, but traditional PGS systems are often just too costly,” said Scheppman, managing member of EnSight Technologies. “We have developed a smart, simple, and scalable parking guidance ecosystem that requires less equipment to guide parkers to open spaces. Our mission is to provide a guidance solution for the masses, not the few. We believe that our model of intelligent simplicity will transform the parking experience, as well as parking facility management.

” Rather than mounting parking guidance sensors over individual spaces, EnSight Technologies’ solution relies on intelligent cameras mounted in strategic locations, allowing systems to start simple with total garage occupancy, or scale up with level occupancy, specialty parking, and aisle counts. Data collected by the cameras is transmitted to EnSight’s software, which constantly analyzes car counts to determine how many spaces are available on each floor and communicates the data to dynamic signage located at facility entrances, entrance to each floor, or intermediate wayfinding signage. Because the system utilizes open API software it can easily be integrated with other parking technologies into a powerful parking management suite.

“Our system is much simpler and easier to manage than traditional parking guidance systems,” said Scheppman. “Parkers don’t need to be overwhelmed with hundreds of green and red lights. You just need to give them enough information to make intelligent parking decisions. “Not only is our parking guidance ecosystem much more affordable for owners and operators, but we think it’s more user-friendly too.”

EnSight Technologies has hit the ground running. In addition to already completing its first installation at Manhattan Village in Manhattan Beach, California, EnSight Technologies is in the midst of a go-live at One Paseo, a mixed-use complex in San Diego with residential space, shopping, and dining. Beyond this the company also has several additional projects under contract.

EnSight Technologies will be exhibiting at the upcoming International Parking and Mobility Institute Symposium in Anaheim, in booth #578.

About EnSight Technologies

EnSight Technologies is a parking technology company that has set out to simplify parking guidance with smart technology. EnSight’s smart, simple and scalable technology ecosystem provides a cost-effective parking guidance alternative to parking owners and operators of all sizes. The company can be found on the Internet at www.ensight-technologies.com.

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