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EnSight Technologies Drives Redwood City, California’s Evolution to a Smart City


EnSight’s Groundbreaking Parking Guidance Technology Connects Private and Public Parking into a Single City-Wide Parking Guidance Grid

Parking is now easier and more convenient because of EnSight Technologies’ groundbreaking parking guidance technology. Today, EnSight Technologies announced the successful completion of a parking guidance grid connecting Redwood City’s municipal parking structures with several private parking garages into a single easy-to-use and manage parking guidance system. EnSight installed its intelligent camera-based occupancy management system at three city garages: Jefferson, 889, and Marshall. The addition of these garages brings EnSight’s technology to five total garages totaling 1,400 parking spaces in Downtown Redwood City.

Alongside EnSight, Redwood City selected Cleverciti as the two organizations to drive the municipality’s smart city initiatives. Ensight was selected for its ability to deliver accurate way-finding guidance in the city’s parking garages and unique LPR and security functionality, and Cleverciti was tapped for its outdoor and on-street parking detection capabilities. Coupled together, Redwood City now, for the first time, has complete visibility into their parking ecosystem and ability to deliver parking data to users of its MyRWC mobile app, PayByPhone, and IPS multi-space pay station; all designed to offer an enhanced parking experience. Parkers throughout Redwood City have access to real-time parking information for seven surface lots, 11 parking garages, and over 4,500 individual parking spaces.

“We are excited to be playing such an important role in Redwood City’s smart city evolution,” said Co-Founder and Managing Member of EnSight Technologies Chris Scheppmann. “Parking guidance is the key to smart city development because it provides immediate access to available parking, helping drivers get into parking facilities and off city roadways quickly and safely. We also know that as America emerges from COVID-19, those retail centers, malls, and other similar commercial ecosystems have an opportunity to accelerate growth as drivers will spend less time looking for parking and more time shopping and dining. It’s also a huge benefit that our software is more accurate and comes with a much lower cost of ownership, which is part of the reason why Redwood City choose EnSight as their way-finding partner.”




EnSight Technology’s intelligent camera-based solution counts vehicles entering and exiting each level of each garage and transmits that occupancy information to LED signs located at garage entrances and throughout each floor, providing real-time information about how many parking spaces are available to help drivers quickly and conveniently find parking.

EnSight’s parking guidance and occupancy technology leverages the latest advancements in machine learning to differentiate between vehicle types and vehicle uses. This allows the system to continuously improve performance and accuracy as new vehicles are introduced to parking facilities. LPR cameras are also able to improve parking security as they now include video surveillance capabilities. 

“This represents an extraordinarily important advancement in parking guidance technology,” said Scheppmann. “Not only does our technology provide an important and unprecedented security benefit, but the machine learning capabilities means the technology is constantly improving to assure that it will provide exceptional service well in the future.”