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Case Study

Smart Parking Guidance Technology for Manhattan Village Shopping Center

EnSight’s Groundbreaking Parking Guidance Technology Improves the Shopping Experience at Manhattan Village Shopping Center

Challenge: Improve Shopping Experience by Providing a Stellar Parking Experience

It can be a nightmare trying to find parking at a mall or shopping center, particularly during the holidays. The implications of hard-to-find parking are enormous. The most obvious, of course, revolve around customer service. If shoppers and diners can’t find a parking space, or have to spend too much time searching, it can ruin the experience. The implications for the shopping center are just as dire. If patrons have a bad parking experience, next time they may choose to shop or dine someplace else.
Manhattan Village Shopping Center Parking Experience

Solution: EnSight Technology’s Smart Parking Guidance Technology

Recognizing the importance of providing a stellar parking experience, the Manhattan Village Shopping Center in Manhattan Beach, California turned to EnSight Technology to install our smart, simple, and scalable parking guidance and occupancy management technology in their three parking facilities.
The EnSight parking guidance suite, which is a part of a $250 million renovation, monitors parking occupancy throughout all 3 of the parking garages at the mall and transmits parking availability information to strategically located smart parking signs. When drivers arrive at the shopping center, they are greeted by monument signs telling them how many spaces are available on each floor of the parking garages. The driver then selects a floor and proceeds to the available parking. There’s no protracted search; drivers are parked and inside the shopping center in just a matter of minutes.
“The installation of our advanced parking guidance technology will make parking at the shopping center a breeze and significantly improve the shopping experience. Parking guidance technology is a wonderful amenity for shopping centers and malls to offer visiting shoppers and diners. It’s a cost-effective way to improve the shopping experience for customers, while providing critical traffic flow and asset utilization business intelligence for mall management and ownership.”

Chris Scheppmann Managing Member, EnSight Technologies

The EnSight Technologies parking guidance suite was installed by Access Professional Systems, Southern California’s leading provider of parking technology.
Manhattan Village Shopping Center Parking Experience
Manhattan Village Shopping Center Parking Experience
Manhattan Village Shopping Center Parking Experience

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